We Will Buy From You !

Last updated on December 13, 2011


If you have a used boat, trailer, snowmobile, outboard motor, or a piece of equipment that you no longer need or want, turn it into CASH. Send us a picture by email or send us a picture in the mail to get the value of your unit. Let us know what you are expecting as a value. We do not want to waste your time, we will only pay a fair wholesale value for your unit. We must receive the ownerships and if they are a higher priced item, we will need proof that there is no liens against it, call us for details.  We do not buy stolen or questionable ownership items. We will pay for your unit as soon as we receive it ,there is no waiting time ! 

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 BOATS - Outboard, or Stern Drive - Running or Not running,
 SEA-Doo's - Running or Not Running or damaged
 SNOWMOBILES - Running or not running or damaged
 Stern Drive Packages - Running or not running,
 Trailers - Boats, Seadoo's, Snowmobiles  
 Equipment, Construction, Lawn/Garden - Running or not running,
 Ends of lines ,Overstock Items ,Call for a Quote
 Misc - Call, we will decide if we are interested - Thanks


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