350 River Road East, Wasaga Beach Ontario - L9Z-2L7 Phone 705-429-2934  Fax 705-429-6569

Please Place an X on the above drawing and we will try to locate your boat as close as possible to your requested location.

A: Front Docks, used for Boat Hoists, you get a dock on both sides of your boat 1475.00 + HST
B: New Front Dock, you get a dock on one side of your boat (Up to 34ft long) 1650.00 + HST
C: Special Dock for 38ft boat - Dock side only 1850.00 + HST
D: Rear Single Docks up to 24ft max 8ft beam, dock on one side only 1700.00 + HST
E: Single Rear Dock up to 24ft max 8ft bean, dock on both sides 1800.00 + HST
G: New Rear Creek Floating Docks up to 25ft boats, dock on one side only 1750.00 + HST
H: New Rear Creek Floating Docks up to 30ft boats, dock on one side only 1850.00 + HST
J: New small docks for Seadoo's, two Seadoo's to a one sided dock, Each Seadoo 750.00 (Each) + HST
Trailer left with us for the Summer in the Compound, if you have a dock with us   100.00 + HST

Please return this form with a $200.00 Deposit to reserve your dock for the 2015 Season. All Docks will be due in full when your boat is launched. Please contact the Office any other special arrangements. - Management

I ______________________________________ (full name) do hereby request to rent a Dock from Sturgeon Point Marina Limited for the summer of 2015. I do hereby declare that I will keep my Boat & Property Insured and will in no way hold Sturgeon Point Marina Limited responsible in any way for loss or damages to my property or my welfare.

Must be signed ---------->  Signed ___________________________________

Full Name _________________________________________________________ (Please print below)

Mailing Address (street, city)_________________________________________________ Postal_____________

Phone : Home _______________ Work ______________ Cottage _______________ Cell ________________

Boat Manufacturer ____________________ Length _____ Beam _____ Vessel License Number ___________

If you require TRAILER STORAGE in our compound please ANSWER HERE -------> YES _____ NO _____

Computer Number # ________ Assigned Dock Number ________ Date Deposit Paid _________ Amt Pd ________  Ledger_________

Thanks for your business and support over the years - Bob & Sue & Staff