Sturgeon Point Marina Staff


Owner Operator

Bob Holley

Bob purchased Sturgeon Point Marina in September 1968 at the age of nineteen with the support of his parents Jack and Doris Holley. Since then under his guidance Sturgeon Point Marina has grown from a small one building shop, into a large five acre bustling marina which includes a large showroom, many buildings, a vast selection of  boats, seadoos, jet boats and over two hundred motors, an extensive shop able to handle any project, four boat storage buildings, a launch ramp and docking for over one hundred and thirty boats. As the owner he has always strived to keep Sturgeon Point Marina a family run business. His wife Susan helps him take care of the paperwork while his two sons Charles and Edward have taken after his love of motors and spend most of their days working in the shop. 


Sales Manager  Ed Holley 

 (Bob's Son) like his brother started working in the shop when he was eight. He has inherited his father's natural skill for machinery and can figure out a solution to any mechanical problem. The attention he pays to detail and the extra effort he puts into his work can been seen in a unit when he is done. He can take an old rusted car and make it run and shine like the day it rolled off the assembly line. 
Sales Specialist Bill Gale -  Bill has been apart of the marina family for years.  He is an avid boater and enjoys seeing others on the water.
Service Manager / Senior Tech Charlie Holley

 (Bob's Son) has been working in the shop since he was eight years old which gives him over eighteen years of experience. Over the years he has seen just about everything that can happen to a motor or boat. His knowledge and experience helps him fix your problem quickly and effortlessly. On top of being an excellent mechanic he keeps the shop running and everyone working while his father is taking care of all the office work.  


Senior Tech Ed Holley - Hey it's me again! I also am a senior tech, as well as the Sales manager.
Mechanic Curt Vanlaarhoven                     

Curt has been working with us for a number of years.  His specialty is in small engines, and you will find him getting your seadoos working in the summer.  A hard worker, he is not satisfied until the job is done right.  At the same time he constantly displays a cheerful attitude and is genuinely concerned about getting whatever mechanical issues you may have resolved.


Mechanic Caleb Grexton

Caleb has a love for mechanics , and is in training.   Doing great!


Mechanic Kevin Johnston

Kevin Johnston joins us for the fall and Winter months .  He also runs Collingwood Adventures - a boat tours company that gives tours of Georgian Bay. you can visit his webb site at. , or see him docked at Collingwood Harbour.


Parts Manager

Rick Templeton

Rick  has spent years in the boating industry and is extremely Knowledgeable for any of your boating needs.  


Parts Specialist Sam Grexton

Sam is very eager to learn and is catching on very quickly to this industry.  He is very nice to deal with and is happy to help.


Maintance Randy Applegate

Randy has taken care of the Marina since 1991. A few of his many responsibilities include maintaining and repairing the docks, painting and fixing up trailers and keeping all the boats and seadoos we sell spotless. Working here at the marina is the perfect job for Randy because of his love for fishing and for the boats that take him to them. 


Payroll Susan Holley(Bob's Wife) takes care of the piles and piles of government paper work that the marina goes through every week and makes sure we all get paid 
Accounts Recivable and Payable Gloria Holley 

Gloria's job here is to make sure all the bills are paid. She sometimes is the bubbly voice you hear on the other end of the phone as well.
Habour Master Linda Holley

Linda looks after seasonal docking, Licencing, Warranties, and helps Gloria in the office.


Dock Attndent Rebecca Holley

Rebecca is Ed and Linda's oldest daughter, and if you have been in for gas or launching your boat she is always around and ready to help.