Employment Opportunities

Sturgeon Point is a family run business and always will be. We appreciate our staff and what talents they have. Our Motto is to treat people as you would want to be treated yourself. We do excellent work and charge fair prices, Sturgeon is a place you can be proud to work at. Do a good job for me and you will have a job for life. On the job training is an every day occurrence as we are always trying to improve our procedures and knowledge of the product we are working on. Below is listed any openings we have at present .


Good mechanics are not hard to find ,they are created from people that are mechanically minded and have a good amount of common sense. We have probably one of the best shops in Ontario, clean, well organized ,staffed with many years of experience in this field. No matter how many years of Marine Talent you have, I am sure you will be impressed. Our computer system ,Parts department, working environment fellow workers and variety of jobs we take on will make the very best mechanic glad to be under our roof. What we are looking for is a very mechanically minded person, who loves anything with a motor in it. You must have the knowledge that can recognize why an engine is making a certain noise or why it is overheating or not shifting gears. You must  enjoy the challenge of diagnosing the problem at hand and be capable of correcting this problem. You will work with excellent people that are extremely talented in this field, and will at any time help you and work with you as a team .All Mechanics are expected to have a complete set of common tools. All specialty tools will be provided by Marina. We expect our people to be at work on time, keep you work bench clean and organized and have the common sense to always put your tools and mine back where they came from. You must get along with you fellow workers as this shop is a no stress working environment, all our people are the best of friends that respect each others feelings and talent. This is an hourly paid shop not flat rate. Some jobs will go just right and some jobs will take more time than expected, I have been in this field as a mechanic for over 39years, and I fully understand the challenges mechanics face. If you feel the above description is what your looking for, Please E-Mail  Bob@spmw.com or Fax me at 705-429-6569 . Please no direct phone calls as we reserve the right to peruse your job application before direct contact. Please supply past work experience or if just starting list what you have done mechanically, and contact information. Ask whatever questions you like I will respond to each application - Thanks for your interest - Bob Holley - President Sturgeon Point Marina Limited - Wasaga Beach , Ontario . Canada. 

Parts Counter

The person for this job must have extremely good disposition and love to work on the front lines with customers. You are the first person our customer meets, so you must represent the company in the very best way, after all if we have no customers we have no business. Parts people must have a good memory and able to follow stick rules of how parts are ordered and how parts are received and put through our system. A working knowledge of computers will help, but all our parts programs are custom written in house for the parts department and must be learned on site.  This is no boring job as we are always busy on the counter. If you are very meticulous and like a neat well organized happy environment this job might be just what your looking for.  Look at our Web site and you will see we sell a variety of products. Please read the Mechanics listing above for how we want you to contact us for an opportunity of joining our staff.

Shop Helpers

If your a good worker ,dependable ,take pride in what you do, and want to work for a company that will respect your talents and efforts this might be the place for you. Helpers I must admit get some of the less desirable jobs, but these jobs must be done. Cleaning the bottom of Boats ,sweeping up the shop, assisting the Mechanics ,painting floors, you name it my helpers get it. We are open year round and being a good dependable worker will give you a solid income and you will learn many new talents. Please read the Mechanics listing above for how we want you to contact us for an opportunity of joining our staff.

Sales @ Service Assistant

This is the hardest job we need to fill. The person to fill this job will be a person that needs a major challenge in life. Having a high I/Q level will certainly help. This person will be responsible to write up customers that require service work, be friendly and trustworthy and mechanically knowledgeable. Must be able to follow each job and to inform customers of job progress and if any problems arise to contact customers and advise then of other problems found etc. A background of working in the Marina Business or Automotive will be an asset.  You must be computer literate ,all the shop programs are home written and must be learned on site. Our shop program is state of the art you will be impressed, even if you know how to program. The sales part of this job will involve the computer side of the sale, updating our Web site and adding and removing inventory from our internal system. Here I am looking for a person that is self motivated, is extremely organized and only perfection is acceptable. This Job will involve a trial period ,you will have to convince me beyond any doubt  you can handle this responsibility and love the challenge of it . We are looking for a long time commitment here. Please read the Mechanics listing above for how we want you to contact us for an opportunity of joining our staff .

Sales Person

I am looking for a person that will devote to learning our product lines. Be honest and guide our customers into buying the product they really need. I have never had luck in hiring a sales person before make me a believer. We sell a large range of products and there is opportunity here for the right person. This position will require a trial period .Organization, follow ups and people skills here are very important. Please read the Mechanics listing above for how we want you to contact us for an opportunity of joining our staff . 

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