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Last updated on April 6, 2016

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Here you will find a large assortment of the motors we grew up with. Collectors, here is your chance to get the engines you want to add to your collection. After being in business for over 40 years we have ended up with a large stock of the classics. We also have a huge inventory of old parts as we have scrapped over 450 motors into parts. Most parts have been filed under there original part number, so if you need parts for an old model we require the model and serial of your motor with a detailed list of what you need. Our parts department will do there best to fill your order. 

 All motors listed below are sold to you as "AS IS" condition, we do not warrant they are running nor can say they are fully there. You may call fax or E-mail us to get further details.

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 M - Manual Start  S - Short 15" Transom  H - Handle  T - Power Elec Trim  O - Oil Injected
 E - Electric Start  L - Long 20" Transom  R - Remote Control  G - Gas Assist Tilt  
   XL - Extra Long 25"      

So as Example: Code = ELRO = Electric Start, Long Shaft-20", Remote Control, Oil Injected

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Stock #

Final Price

Older Yamaha 3.5 HP all there except the carb 3.5 MSH 031 150.00
This is Maybe a 4Hp Old Champion Outboard, Real Old will make a great Collectors Item 4.0 MSH 042 175.00
Here is the collector's favorite motor. This is a Model TN-28 and Serial Number 138944. This is a 1952 Motor in not bad shape for being 54 years old .It seems to be complete, will probably run, they always did !! 5.0 MSH 021 650.00
This is a Suzuki Model 0501 Serial F-12792. This unit needs a drive shaft and the lower unit is a part, Need Parts ?? 5.0 MSH 006 200.00
This is a Johnson 5.5 Hp Model CD-12 which is a 1955 Unit. Great Collector Item, Complete 5.5 MSH 045 350.00
This is a collectors dream, 1951 Evinrude 7.5 HP complete and in reasonable shape 7.5 MSH 030 400.00.
This is the Lower Section of a Scott Outboard no power head, Parts Only 7.5 MSH 034 50.00
This is a Sears 7.5 HP Motor, no Lower unit, I think this was made by Clinton, Parts Only 7.5 MSH 035 50.00
This is a Merc 9.8 Hp 1971 has no Lower unit 9.8 MSH 043 150.00
This is a Merc 9.8Hp 1976 has no Lower unit 9.8 MSH 044 175.00
This is a Yamaha Lower housing and Lower unit. Power Head is missing, parts only 10.0. MLH 032 80.00
Johnson 10Hp ,1961 vintage, Here is a collectible unit for you. It seems to be complete , with a little paint and a good bath, will make a great addition to your collection. 10.0 MLH 015 400.00
Johnson Model QD10, Old Green one, seems to be complete. Serial 86878 10.0 MSH 001 300.00
Chrysler Model 94BE, Serial 1068. This unit seems to be complete. This is the weird one that had the light on top and is electric start. A Collectors Unit 10.0 ESH 010 400.00
This is another Collectors favorite. This is a 1953 Johnson 10Hp. Model 0D-14 Serial 145593. The unit seems all here except the cab. 10.0 MSH 022 500.00
A Collectors Dream. This is a Merc is in the 1950's and it is in real good shape. Serial number is 1061507 .It seems to be complete and probably stills runs. Call today on this one !! It is Call a Mark 10. 10.0 MSH 023 750.00
Evinrude Model 15016 Serial 51348 .This is one of the old dependable ones that gave Evinrude its good Name. Seems to be Complete.  This is the old twin gas line unit. A Collectors Unit 15.0 MSH 002 450.00
This is a Johnson 18Hp 1960 Outboard. It seems to be complete , This is a collectors Unit, Could use paint. 18.0 MLH 014 550.00
Here is a great Collectible. A 18Hp Evinrude 1959. At forty seven years old it still looks pretty good. Call Today this one will not last. It seems to be complete. 18.0 MLH 017 500.00
This is a 1959 18HP Johnson , Good Collector one 18.0 MSH 040 400.00
Here is a 1963 Merc 20Hp, Real dirty needs a bath, but is in real good shape. It Seems to be complete. This is definitely a collectors item. 20.0 MSH 024 650.00
This old motor has been through a lot but still has usable parts. Recoil is missing and does not run. 20.0 MSH 779 90.00
This is an Evinrude 25Hp around a 1957. Here is a collectible .The unit seems to be all there. With a good Clean up you have a great piece. Model/Serial  is 25552-50609 25.0 MLR 016 450.00
Johnson 28HP .Model RDS-28B, Serial C498228 There was a ton of these on the market in the early sixty's. This one seems Complete  28.0 ESR 008 400.00
Johnson made thousands of these popular engines in there day. This is a Model RXE-13B and Serial C463318 33.0 ELR 004 450.00
This is an older 33HP Johnson. It seems to be missing the cab and has no flywheel. Good unit for parts 33.0 ESR 025 250.00
This is a collectors item, A Merc 35Hp and it is complete. This is one of the old 4 cylinder 2 carb units, before propeller exhaust, I guess a 1956-57 35.0 ESR 033 450.00
This is an older Elgin Outboard, looks like it was made by Chrysler. Cab is missing 40.0 ERS 026 150.00
This is a 1963 Johnson Model RDS-25D ESR . No Cab or complete lower unit 40.0 ESR 028 150.00
This is a collectors Special made by Volvo. Not to many of these around, to my memory this one still runs. This unit is in good shape but is real dirty needs a bath! 45.0 ELR 029 400.00
This is an Old Scott 40 Hp Outboard ,No Cab 45.0 ESH 036 200.00
This is the bottom end only of a Evinrude 50Hp. Model C73158 Serial 50273C . This unit is Complete with prop, Need Parts ?? This one needs a paint Job ! 50.0 ELR 005 300.00
This is a Viking 50 Hp originally sold by Eaton's and was made by Chrysler ,This is Complete ! 50.0 ESR 037 350.00
This is a older 55Hp 2 cylinder Motor. Model number 55762 and Serial 1018. The flywheel is missing .Need Parts ?? 55.0 ESR 011 300.00
This is a Chrysler 55Hp , seems all there except the cab is missing. 55.0 ELR 020 400.00
This is an old Johnson probably 60 HP V-4 ,cab is missing , good for parts 60.0 ELR 027 200.00
This is a Evinrude 60Hp 3 cylinder  Top End. No Lower unit and No Cdi Box ,The Rest seems Complete. Need Parts ?? 60.0 ELR 007 250.00
This is a Johnson 65Hp power head ,no lower unit and no carburetors. Good for Parts ! 65.0 ELR 013 375.00
This is a Evinrude 70 Hp 1983 Mid and Lower unit only, Good for parts. 70.0 ELR 018 250.00
Here is one of the Old 80 Hp V-4 units, and it seems to be complete . 80.0 ELR 009 400.00
Old Merc 100Hp 6 cylinder in line. This is probably a 1964 unit, a collectors item ! The electrical seems to be missing, the rest is all there. 100.0 ELR 012 500.00
Here is One of Chryslers Old Favorites. These had pull like you would not believe on the bottom end. A inline four cylinder motor. This one seems complete .Model 105774 and Serial 1043. 105.0 ELR 003 600.00

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